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Stevia Buy Back Agreement

Stevia Buy Back Agreement

We are also involved in providing total solution for organic farm produces – right from selection of crop, land evaluation, selection of farm inputs, organic certification process and Stevia Buy Back Agreement for organic farm produces. Our prime requirement is for organically cultivated Stevia and its produces as there is good market for Stevia in the local as well as international arena. Through Stevia Buy Back Agreement. We help to provide total chain management of organic produce as farmers will take initiatives for organic farming, farm land will be converted from non organic to organic, regaining ecological balance, also provide quality products to respective market and thus satisfy market demands.

Stevia Buy Back Agreement ensure safety of crop purchase and payment for farmers who are diversifying themselves towards organic cultivation. We also offer Stevia Buy Back Agreement to farmers for other crops as agreed by us.

  • Stevioside (10%-20%) : Stable at 100oC with a pH of 3-9 with no calories and carbohydrates, 25-30 times sweeter than sugar, far more healthy, doesn’t ferment and doesn’t turn black when cooked.
  • Rebaudioside-A (1-3%)

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