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We have made our name as a trusted Khakhra Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Prepared from fresh ingredients, our Khakhra is highly demanded in the market. We use special spices and ingredients to make Khakhra delectable and healthy. We offer Khakras in different types like Masala Khakhra, Jeera Khakhra and Methi Khakhra to whet diverse appetite. We are ranked among the topmost Plain Khakhara Suppliers from India. The prices of all our products are very reasonable. We provide 32 varieties of Khakhra.

  • Wheat Meal (Coarsely ground wheat) : This is the major ingredient among all, for the Khakhra. To ensure consistency in quality taste & aroma, we procure choicest quality of wheat & get ground.
  • Pulses Meal : Superior quality pulses are procured, & get ground. Always, the freshness of Meal plays role in the taste of product.
  • Oil : Double refined low fat edible oil is used.
  • Salt :Iodized salt.
  • Spices : Following spices (home cleaned & /or made) are added, as taste maker.
    • Red chilly powder
    • Turmeric
    • Jeera
    • Ajwain (or Ajma / Ajmo)
    • Black salt
    • Asafetida
  • Vegetables : The fresh vegetables / extracts there of used are :
    • Kothmir (Hara Dhaniya) : Fresh Leaves
    • Palak : Fresh Leaves
    • Pudina : Fresh Leaves
    • Tomato & Karela : For each & every batch of khakhra, pulp/ extract of fresh vegetables.
    • Garlic : Fresh cloves of Garlic.
    • Methi :The leaves are dehydrated at our premise & then used.

Specialty of Hari Brand Khakhra
Our Khakhra has amazing characteristics, which make it perfect Nutritional Health Food.
  • It is Low in Calorie. As compared to other available market khakhra products. It is found to be rich with nutrition and low in calorie, which makes it perfect for Good Health with Great Taste.
  • Low Saturated Fat Content, which is again acceptable to a sizable amount of health conscious people across the globe.
  • It has Zero Sugar and this characteristic makes Khakhra most popular amongst the diabetic patients.
  • The premium characteristic is Zero Cholesterol which is being found in the anxious eyes of the younger generations as well as the heart patients and people who are trying to manage their weight.
  • The product has Zero Transfat which is again an equally desirous by the consumers.
  • They are 100% natural which attracts the attention of the wheat product lovers who are fond of other preservative driven products.
  • They are 100% vegetarian, which has recently drawn the attentions of the developing countries owing to their problems like Bird Flu etc.
  • As it is ready to Eat it has become a substitute for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner with additional garnishing and working couples prefer as all time Crunchy-Munchy Snack.
  • Its Crispy in nature, it’s a prime serving during the happy hours while cheering in the evening.

  • Adu-Marcha-Kothmir
  • Chat-Masala
  • Methi-Masala
  • Mari-Masala
  • Mangroli-Jerra
  • Jira - Masala
  • Lasan-Adu Marcha
  • Ajma-Masala
  • Sada-Jira Haldar
  • Sada-Safed
  • FudinaTomato-Chat
  • Karela
  • Palak Lasan- New
  • Palak-Beet
  • Onion-Garlic
  • Sp.Bajara- Lasan-Methi-Marcha
  • Sp.Bajara- Methi-Marcha
  • Sp. Rajagara Farali Adu-Marcha
  • Sp. Rajagara Farali-Sweet-(Dry Fruit)
  • Sp. Mugdi (Mug)
  • Sp. Anti Diabetes
  • Sp. Jav – Adu Marcha
  • Sp. Chana- Green-Methi Masala
  • Sp. Manchurian ( New)
  • Sp. Mix Dal (Adad-Mug-Chana)
  • Sp. Mathia( New ),Soyabean-Mangroli Jera
  • Soyabean-Tomato chat
  • Soyabean-Adu Marcha
  • PANI-PURI (Natural Taste)
  • PAV-BHAJI (Natural Taste)
  • RAAGI Khakhara (New)
  • Sp. Ghee Khakhra (Pure ghee)

Khakhra :
  • Our Khakhra products are rich in taste and nutrition while managing low calorie and fats.
  • It is 100 % pure Khakhra made from respective flour

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  • Adu Mirch Kothmir Khakra

    Adu Mirch Kothmir Khakra
  • Bajra Lasan Khakra

    Bajra Lasan Khakra
  • Jeera Mari Khakhra

    Jeera Mari Khakhra
  • Mangroli Jeera Khakhra

    Mangroli Jeera Khakhra
  • Masala Khakhra

    Masala Khakhra
  • Tomato Khakra

    Tomato Khakra

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