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Taste with health!

Green Era Foods and Nutraceutics offers a wide range of organic herbs - like dehydrated Wheatgrass Powder, Stevia leaves and powder, Lemon grass, Amla powder etc., Nutritional Food and Mehanda free - Khakhra and Spices. We are Manufacturer, Trader and Exporter of organic herbs, spices, pulses, khakhra and other allied products. Further, the company also provides expert services for Organic Farming, Stevia Buy Back Agreement and Stevia Cultivation.

The goal of the company is to help in revamping the ill health of human beings who are struggling with malnutrition problems. The company is dedicated to serve Nature’s essence - pure, nutritional and organic products to the suffering humanity for their health and well being. In furtherance, the development of science and technology has made man and food nearly Unnatural and unhealthy. The current effort is to bring harmony between Nature, Science and Technology in its most Natural manner using Nature's golden gifts. The vast area lies in R&D to bring this harmony.

We are also engaged in the field of clinical Research on wheatgrass product and have already filed a Patent on our wheatgrass product ‘Green Era Wheat Grass’ which is under approval. We have conducted successful clinical trials on Anemia, Underweight, Acidity and Major Thalesemia Patients.

Green Era Foods and Nutraceutics - has recently procured USDA and EU Organic Certification for Processing and Trading of our products. We offer a buy back guaranty to farmers for certified cultivation of their farm produce. Like Us on Facebook :


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